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Nobody likes getting their car serviced or repaired. We understand that. We don’t sit here and pretend that you’re going to have a grand time getting your car repaired just because we have Wi-Fi and coffee available while you wait for your vehicle. Those things are nice, but we know you’re busy and have more important things to be doing, which is why we believe Daly City Mitsubishi is exactly the place to be for car service.

Not only do we know your Mitsubishi model best, but if you don’t drive a Mitsubishi, you can feel confident in the fact that we service a wide variety of makes and models. Put simply, we’ve seen it all. This means we have the expertise to get your vehicle service or repair done quickly and done right, the very first time.

So, whatever your car needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help. And rest easy, because you’re in good care here at Daly City Mitsubishi.

Daly City Mitsubishi Special

Oil & Filter Change Special


• Replace engine oil per specifications (up to 5 quarts)* • Install an OEM oil filter

Daly City Mitsubishi Special

Cabin & Air Filter Special

$20 Off

• Cabin & Air Filters • Installation • Charging system check

Daly City Mitsubishi Special

Mitsubishi Works Special


• Oil Change • Multi-point Inspection • Oil Filter Replacement • Tire Rotation • Fuel Additive • Engine Filter and Cabin Filter Replacement

Daly City Mitsubishi Special

Transmission Service

$50 Off

· Replacement of virtually 100% of your old transmission fluid · Removal of dirt, grit, and abrasives that can damage your transmission · A thorough check for leaks · Full refill with fresh clean fluid

Daly City Mitsubishi Special

Brake Pads Special


• Replace front or rear brake pads • Inspect discs, calipers, brake lines, hoses, master cylinder and wheel cylinders

Daly City Mitsubishi Special

Accessory Special

Get up to 10% off all Mitsubishi accessories purchases!

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